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No matter your field,

We have the tools you need

We are Agrafbec

For over than 42 years, Agrafbec is dedicated to offering you impeccable services, whether it’s to advise you, maintain or repair your pneumatic tools.

As a result of our expertise acquired all these years, we are pleased to offer you a wide choice of durable and recognized quality tools. Whatever your need in the field is, we will be happy to help you.

With a great expertise in the field, the team of Agrafbec is at its best to advise you on fastening tools
We offer a service of maintenance and guarantee for for all our tools sold, as well as for those of most recognized brands
whether it’s at our workshop, your business locations or your construction site, we can assist you with your pneumatic, electric or manual fastening tools

Your success is part of our goal

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